The Astrology Reading

An astrology reading is many things. It’s a reading because I literally read the map of the sky as I talk with you and learn how you’ve responded to life. Astrology contextualizes the large, sweeping narratives of your life; it describes your behavior and those you love with pinpoint accuracy; it shows how you take (or avoid) action, get stuck, feel obligated, get in trouble, love, react, fight, parent, get hurt, work, learn, create and horse around.  It’s a highly effective tool and language rooted in our human observation (and recording) of the night skies for tens of thousands of years; and in that way, the reading has the potential (given the astrologer) to give the client a most unique gift, and that is a sense of coming home to yourself and a experience self-acceptance.

Astrology is also predictive. It assists with the timing of events. The reading gives you answers about your personal timing. We all have our personal seasons and some times are better than others for accomplishing goals. Timing is everything. Never forget that the most successful president in modern history, Ronald Reagan, utilized an astrologer to help him time daily events; and that was an unbeatable president! I was a student activist opposed to Reagan then; but I sure marveled at his ability to time things right.

To give an example of what I mean by reading the sky, below is what astrologers call a chart wheel, which is simply a map of the sky;  in this case it’s the sky when Amelia Earhart was born. Why Amelia? She was a social worker, and thus dear to my heart.  I don’t expect this circle of glyphs, symbols and lines to mean much to you. But this is the wheel that tells me who you are. This is the wheel of a moment in a location in chronological time, in this case a moment in 1897. Birth data and chart software couresty of Solar Fire V.9; I’ve been using Solar Fire for 15 years and it’s the best in the industry. Thank you Solar Fire!


Wamelia earhart for blog

When you look at the chart above, you may think hey there’s more in the night sky than a small handful of squiggly glyphs. And you are right of course. Most western astrologers include the 10 planets–Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto–which are depicted above. But after that, some astrologers give a lot of credibility to more minor bodies like asteroids, or points that aren’t actually planets but are just points in space, or fixed stars, and on and on and on: my point is, what’s included in the map of the sky that the astrologer reads is at the astrologers discretion. It can get unnecessarily complicated. I was trained to keep it simple; read more of my astrological philosophy (I have a strong Jupiter so of course I have a  philosophy) here.

When I do a reading, I first look to the birth chart; then, I compare the birth chart to a map of the sky showing ongoing current planetary movement.  Below is an example of Amelia’s birth chart with the day and approximate location and time of where she disappeared in the Pacific Ocean July 2, 1937.


Between the two maps certain angles are formed which cause certain energies to come out, and these energies impact our lives. Please be aware that there is considerable disagreement among astrologers as to what angles are the most important and within what range it’s acceptable to estimate the intensity and duration of these angles; please click here for more information on how I approach this in my practice click here.

In the 3 chart wheels below, the center wheel is Amelia’s birth time and the outer wheel is the date, time and place of her possible disappearance: these are measurements of chronological time. The middle wheel is a measurement of symbolic time, in which the planets from the birth chart are progressed a year-for-a-day from the time of birth.