Schedule Your Intuitive Astrology Reading

How do you schedule your intuitive astrology reading? It’s easy!  Contact me using the contact form here with your date of birth.  Then, pay using the PayPal button to the right or to the bottom of this page; contact me if you want to use an alternative payment method.

Readings can be scheduled by phone, Skype, Google Duo or in person in my Tucson, Arizona. You will get a recording of your reading and a printed copy of your chart.

When you contact me, let me know your time and place of birth, if you can.  You can get a first-class reading without an exact birth-time, so don’t worry. It wasn’t that long ago that hardly anyone knew there time of birth; you were lucky if your mother survived childbirth and lived long enough to tell you! And astrologers managed to get by.

Rates are as follows:

Astrology Reading: $125

Synastry (relationship) Reading:  $250

Astrolocality Reading: $125