Annette B. Starwell is the nom de plume for Clare Annette Aylward MSW, a professional astrologer in Tucson, Arizona with 20 years experience reading astrological charts.

Clare learned astrology from her great friend Jaiann Machell; they met in 1998, when Clare was working at her parents’ bakery in Sonoita, Arizona and Jaiann walked in for a cheese danish. Jaiann was a brilliant astrologer and a great friend and mentor; she was of an older generation, working-class, a single mom, a first-wave feminist who seriously knew astrology inside-out, though like many women of her generation she was struggled economically and professionally to be recognized as credible, intelligent and worthy. She died suddenly of a heart attack in 2016 at age 71 and she is missed every day.

Clare’s family owned a series of small bakeries–Monika’s Bakery, The Ovens of Patagnoia, The Grasslands Bakery–in Tucson, Patagonia and Sonoita from 1978–2014. Clare graduated from the College of Santa Fe in Santa Fe, NM in 1990 and from Arizona State University in 2003 with a Masters in Social Work, with a Child Welfare Specialization.

Clare lives and lives and works in Tucson, Arizona with her dog and her jaguar nahual and a variety of other angels and spirits that share her home and property.